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 I was joined on this mission by John Tziortzis from Toronto and we were truly blessed as we shared the Gospel in Schools, prisons, on the streets, in hospitals and churches. It was wonderful to see many thousands responding to the Gospel message, our prayer is that those thousands would be genuine commitments as The Holy Spirit brought conviction, that there was true repentance and surrender to Christ. we were also blessed to pray for people to be healed and John T was humbled to see two wheelchair bound men get up and walk after much prayer. It was also exiting to meet Angus Buchan and Karabo Molefe whom is the organiser for the next Mighty men conference in Soweto later in the year. I am waiting final confirmation to be invited to speak at this historical event. one of the highlights of the mission for me was to re-visit Durban after so many years away and after knocking on the door of the flat where we lived over 40yrs ago I was delighted to be invited in by the family and even more delighted to hear that they were Christians and to see a Jesus sticker on the very door that was kicked in to rescue me when my father locked me in and left me alone for several days. I praise God for all He did and for allowing us to take part in His Great Commission 

Mission Toronto 15th-21st September 2016

South Africa Mission-May 2016


I pray that this ministry will only seek to Glorify God through our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

I pray for boundless opportunities to share the Gospel and to teach the church to do the same.

I pray for wisdom and discernment in all we do, that we may through Him accomplish what He has instructed us to do.

I pray that we seek The Lord Jesus in everything we do.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour



"I believe John's book 'If A Wicked Man' should be in every prison library in the U.K." (Rev Shawn Verhey)

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