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John Lawson was  born in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland in 1966, aged three the family emigrated to Durban, South Africa.


His Father Lex was a well-respected police officer and his mum Josephine worked in a well known up market store. At the age of 10, John's world was turned upside down. His mother and brother Alex had to return quickly to the UK as his Grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had weeks to live. while his mum and brother were away, his Dad picked him up at the end of term and locked him inside their apartment he said " don’t be scared if it gets dark son, just go to bed as I have to work late" His father left and never came back. After being locked in for four days without food, some family friends broke down the door and took John to their house. His father had 'run off' with his mistress which was a shock to everyone. Aged 10, John was put on a plane to the UK and so began the third chapter of his life.


His Grandad died, soon followed by his Grandmother. Penniless and homeless, Josephine, John and Alex were forced to take a council flat on the notorious Drumchapel housing estate just outside Glasgow. It was known at the time as the worst housing estate in Europe and this is where John encountered violence for the first time. With his soft accent and polite demeanour John attracted the attention of bullies and soon discovered an ability to take a punch and feel no pain.


A few years later the family moved to Birkenhead Merseyside where unbeknown to his mother, John got involved in burglary, theft and violence. Leaving school at 18 he had no real qualifications to speak of but he was good with his fists. Married and divorced by 22, he became a single dad to a young son and yearned for more in life.  He soon became a bouncer, joined a biker gang, joined his gangster uncles in Soho running the biggest brothel in London. Married for the second time, moved back to Scotland had two more sons before he became a bodyguard (even working for a short time with The Rolling Stones) and finally became embroiled in full time crime as an enforcer for gangsters. Sentenced to five years in prison for extortion he divorced for the second time and lost his home and money before his life was dramatically changed in prison where he heard The Gospel message for the first time.


Today John lives in East Sussex with his wife Carolyn and her two children. His kids are all grown up now and visit as often as they can. John works in a full-time voluntary capacity and he spends much of the year travelling to some of the toughest prisons on the planet to share his story


Anthony Paul Maisey

Evangelist/ Prayer Ministry/Deliverance


Anthony Paul Maisey came from a working class rough and ready background. Born in Croydon, south London England in the spring of 1971.

His parents split when he was a child and his mother became an alcoholic overnight. She began dating a violent London underworld figure and for many years there was a lot of domestic violence in their relationship.  Well known gangsters began frequenting Tony’s home and they became his hero’s and he wanted to be like them. The self - destruct button had already been pushed and by the age of 14 he lost interest in school and became violent, drinking heavily and taking drugs. This caused mood swings, anxiety, depression and fear.

He went to prison aged 19 and on release got involved with serious organised crime. He became embroiled in a world of fear and violence which brought with it large amounts of money, but nothing could fill the vast void inside of him.


He limped through life appearing to have it all on the outside but always felt stripped bare on the inside, lonely, broken. He began harnessing and fashioning this exhausting overpowering burden of fear he carried each day into a weapon of violence and intimidation and also learned to use it to keep the world away from himself. 

He pushed every emotion down in the basement of his soul, locked away from sight where nobody would ever know the combination to the padlock. No one knew how to take him, people were afraid and walked on egg shells around him as the frightened boy in the man’s body would lash out to protect the secret fear and despair within. The constant consumption of brandy and cocaine took its toll on his mind and body and he was finally left broken and alone on his knees haunted with suicidal thoughts intent on drinking himself to death.


In search of redemption stemming from a burden of guilt and shame from all the wrong he had done in his life, he mustered one last attempt to find healing from this world he didn’t understand and was tired of living in.

He yearned for spiritual healing and in sheer desperation he set off to the Jungle of Peru. Four hours down the Amazon river he found the Shipibo tribe where Shamans (Witchdoctors) encouraged people to take part in demonic ceromonies and gave them potions to drink that were supposed to bring healing but instead of healing things got much worse for Tony as he witnessed terrible darkness and experienced spiritual deceptions that were only intent on leading him further into the realms of darkness and now he was under serious spiritual attack. He had gone too far this time and was now open to dark forces he had no way of fighting alone. In fear in that jungle he cried out to God and felt protected from the evil that was present in that place.

On returning to the UK the nightmares continued relentlessly for another year, until one - night he saw a vision, a side profile of a man wearing a crown of thorns. He was praying for Tony and after this night the nightmares stopped.


The Lord led him to a Christian family and he lived on their farm for two years and began reading the Holy Bible. Eventually Tony travelled to Israel to be baptised in the river Jordon. However, he had never truly repented of his sins and struggled with his new 'Christian identity' he admits there was no evidence of a life changed by Christ. On the contrary, he continued drinking and dabbled with cocaine finally entering into an ungodly relationship with a woman whom embraced the occult and new age lifestyle. Torn between two worlds, Tony finally broke free in pursuit of a genuine relationship with Christ and booked himself into a healing and deliverence ministry. It was there where Tony fully accepted The Gospel message through true forgiveness, repentance and surrender to Christ and was set free from the chains and bonds that had held him in darkness the whole of his entire life. He also learned how to pray for others in need of salvation and developed a zeal to participate in setting other captives free.


Tony met John Lawson in 2017 and now travels to different countries to Share his testimony and The Gospel as well as praying and counselling people whom have also encountered spiritual darkness. Tony speaks in Prisons, correctional facilities, rehab centres, schools, colleges, and church outreach events sharing his testimony, praying for the lost and the broken hearted bringing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is finished…



‘The spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,

Because the Lord has anointed Me

To preach good tidings to the poor;

He has sent Me to heal the broken-hearted,

To proclaim liberty to the captives,

And the opening of the prison to those who are bound.


Isaiah:61 -1

Frans Cronjé

is a film producer, director, writer and actor who has made 5 feature films, published 5 books of which he wrote two. His first feature film “Faith like Potatoes” has been a blockbuster all around the world with over 4 million DVDs sold. He has been the lead actor in 3 feature films and played smaller parts in 3 other films. Frans started his own production company, Global Creative Studios in 2002 and has built his brand Frans Cronje Films during the same time. Before that he played professional cricket for 11 years in South Africa and England. He coached the Natal Dolphins for 2 years and played provincial rugby for Free State for 3 years. He started cycling in 2009 and represented South Africa at the Amateur World Championships in 2012 and 2013.


Frans Cronje on "Passion":

On a recent business trip to Germany I was speaking at a school about my film career when I learnt that the German word for "passion" is "leidenschaft". I found this very intriguing as the German word is much more descriptive than the English. Leidenschaft's direct translation into English would mean something like "sufferingship". In other words, being willing to suffer and die for what you believe. In Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ we clearly see that Jesus had leidenschaft for people. He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us.


I have always described myself as a man of passion, but since my German visit, I have new-found respect for the true meaning of the word.


My calling, purpose, passion (leidenschaft) and profession is to tell stories with a life-changing message that can reach every family in the world. Jesus changed my life completely in June 1996 and I therefore have a passion to include aspects of God's love in the stories that I tell.




I pray that this ministry will only seek to Glorify God through our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

I pray for boundless opportunities to share the Gospel and to teach the church to do the same.

I pray for wisdom and discernment in all we do, that we may through Him accomplish what He has instructed us to do.

I pray that we seek The Lord Jesus in everything we do.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour



"I believe John's book 'If A Wicked Man' should be in every prison library in the U.K." (Rev Shawn Verhey)

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