John has lived by faith since 2008 when he bacame a full time volunatry missionary to take The Gospel to the world. The most direct way of supporting him is by making a donation. We carefully monitor all of our operations to make sure that all donations go straight to supporting John lawson and towards missions in countries that cannot afford to cover travel and accomodation costs. 

There are a variety of ways of making donations

  • By regular direct debit
  • One-off annual contributions
  • Project-specific donation
  • Tax-free giving through Stewardship Services
  • Remember us in your will

Please see the links below to determine your best way to partner with John in The Gospel.


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You can also send your donation directly to this bank account



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I pray that this ministry will only seek to Glorify God through our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

I pray for boundless opportunities to share the Gospel and to teach the church to do the same.

I pray for wisdom and discernment in all we do, that we may through Him accomplish what He has instructed us to do.

I pray that we seek The Lord Jesus in everything we do.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour



"I believe John's book 'If A Wicked Man' should be in every prison library in the U.K." (Rev Shawn Verhey)

Can you help me to order enough copies of my book to give away freely to every prison? Email me here for details. Or make a donation into the account set up for books for prisoners. 


sort code 110955

account 00278174

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